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On top of our predefined packages A-Z Coaching, Strategic Planning and Action Plan, ULYSSES International Studies has also created 4 other Tailor-Made Sessions to give you the best possible chance of success:

1.   Personal Statement UK / Motivation Letter (NL, Bocconi, ...)

2.   Prep. Interview Oxbridge, … etc.

3.   Personalised Session "Study Abroad"

4.   Unique Tailor Made Plan



At ULYSSES International Studies we have sourced UK-UCAS, Studielink-Dutch Systems and other international applications experts with many years' experience in giving students effective advice on writing an excellent Personal Statement with successful applications to universities all around the world, from Oxbridge to Essex, Erasmus University Rotterdam to the University of Amsterdam, Bocconi to UC Berkeley, and beyond! 

In combination with the appropriate results from your Baccalaureate, this can lead to an interview at a top university or even an immediate offer. Obviously there are no absolute guarantees but ULYSSES International Studies can help to give you the best possible chance of success.


Before you start writing your first draft, in a Zoom meeting we would like to discuss with you which universities and programmes you have selected and your last year’s grades. After our session you will receive instructions, a video to watch and useful links. Now you can start your first draft with a clear idea about what to write.


When you are happy with your first draft, you will send us a copy for review:

  • We will proofread it for errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation.

  • We will edit the content to enhance sentence structure and streamline paragraphs. 

  • We will assess the academic content and evidence of your interest in your chosen course.

  • We will make suggestions for how you can enhance what you have written, as required.


Included in the price is also a second review – once you have made any changes and you believe you almost have your final draft you will email it to us again. We will ensure it is within the university line and character limits and carry out a final proofread, edit and polish so your Personal Statement/Motivation Letter is ready for you to send off.






The first thing you need to keep in mind is that interviewers don't have enough hours in the day to waste interviewing people they aren’t interested in, so if you are invited to an interview this means they already like the look of you from your application. That's why interviews can be fun and the way to ensure they go as smoothly as possible is to do exactly what you are doing - preparation.


The university interviewers can't ask you questions you would need a degree in, in order to be able to answer. However they can ask you questions relating to the relevant subjects from your Baccalaureate, they can ask about anything you have included in your application and they can also ask you subject-specific questions you could be reasonably expected to have some knowledge about and therefore be able to tackle. Expect to be asked to apply your knowledge.


We are extremely experienced in giving students effective advice on preparing for an interview and tackling tricky questions.


What is included:

  • A Guide, Written Advice on how to prepare yourself effectively for  interviews.

  • 1 hour Skype Interview practice with a specialist.

  • Written Feedback, along with additional practice questions and reading suggestions to further prepare yourself for the actual interview.



You want to know more about studying in the Netherlands, the United-Kingdom, Ireland and/or Canada, book a one hour introduction session with us. We want to know where in the world you want to study and what you want to study. We will discuss your values, vision, goals, and budget. We will review your grades, your accomplishments, activities, experiences, areas of growth, and interest.


We will answer your questions, discuss the different options, programmes, the costs to study abroad, the selection criteria, and also the application deadlines.

After this session you will have a better view of studying abroad. Our exchange will be summarized in a personalized, three page profile highlighting your interests. From here you will decide if studying abroad is right for you and if you would like to have our support. If you decide to continue working with us you can deduct the fee from your selected A-Z package. 



None of our predefined sessions; A-Z Coaching, Strategic Planning, Action Plan or Tailor-Made Sessions is right for you? We are more than happy to design a Unique Tailor-Made Plan for you in order to help  you reach your goals.




Free quote for inquiries regarding Tailor-Made Sessions

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