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A-Z Coaching is the optimum offer that combines the two sessions "Strategic Planning" and "Action-Plan".


ULYSSES International Studies will coach you from A to Z through all the stages of the application process. We will establish a one-on-one relationship and a personalized service tailored to your goals - mapping out the plan, guiding you on your path and optimizing your chances of success. 

First we will set up a meeting as we would like to meet with you and your parent(s). We want to know where in the world you want to study and what you want to study. We will review your grades, your accomplishments, activities, experiences, areas of growth, and interest. Depending on what you want to study and your personality, we will help you determine the country that suits you best. Our exchange will be summarized in a personalized three page profile, highlighting your vision and goals.

Our next step will be to help you either build or revamp your list of "dream", "reach" and "safety" universities in one country. Ideally you want to start looking for universities in the spring before your final year.

After your list of universities and colleges is established, you have to set your goals, it is now time to put your plans into action. We will make sure you stay on track and help you gather the required materials on time. We will give you tips and techniques on how to write a letter of motivation or personal statement and get in contact with your external references. We will coach you through this challenging and exciting time and make sure the application administrative process runs smoothly. 

Once you have sent your application(s), you have to keep an eye on your emails as universities may ask, without warning, for additional information. If you have questions we will be there to answer you and we will remain at your side to advise you until your big departure. 


  • Identify potential courses that fit you

  • Compare universities (you will choose and filter)

  • Check for specific testing requirements (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, ACT SAT, MAT, STEP, LNAT) 

  • Clarify admission requirements (language and academic level)

  • Mark important dates and deadlines

  • Calculate costs of tuition fees

  • Consolidate the university contact information

  • Find open days, college fairs, and give you a list of questions so you know what to ask

  • Evaluate what is most relevant, so you know where to focus your attention

  • Give you tips and techniques on how to write an excellent letter of motivation / Personal Statement and check your statement for spelling and grammar

  • Give you a student information sheet or "Brag Sheet". It will help your teachers and references when writing your letter of recommendation

  • Identify, if necessary, key contacts at universities and how to reach them

  • Make sure the application administrative process runs well 

Don't forget we work FOR you and WITH you !





(4 different Admissions Procedures)



(1 admission procedure for 1 programme)



(15% off the 2nd additional country)

Free quote for inquiries regarding the universities Oxford and Cambridge

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