ULYSSES International Studies is an independent council agency who freely recommends the university that suits you best. We have built trusting relationships with renowned universities around the world. 



ULYSSES International Studies maintains special relations with various universities in the world. Through these contacts you may benefit from: 

  • Our network and key contacts to obtain the latest information

  • Continuous Updates of all programme developments

  • Reduced UIS registration fees in some cases


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Thanks to our partner universities in the United Kingdom we are registered as an official UCAS centre. This status enables us to get support, tools, and advise from the UCAS International Team, to have access to the latest information, but above all it allows us to track and register your application directly and officially on-line.​



Ulysses International Studies expertise is to inform, advise, and assist all students with selecting and applying to international universities.  In some cases, a Study Project Abroad may require further support or advice. For this, we have selected partners whom we recognize for their sincerity and competence. Each student is unique and if your situation requires further support, we will be more than happy to put you in contact with our partners.

Jane MARSHALL has 18 years’ experience working for top UK universities. She works with students in over 150 schools in the South of England, giving guidance on writing excellent applications and performing well at interviews. She also provides the voiceover for the UCAS website video on Personal Statements and frequently speaks at UCAS conferences for teachers and advisers.

Christine LAFOND, founder of J.O. Coaching has 11 years experience assisting young people (15-25 years) in study and professional orientation. She works individually with students, but also with institutions of higher education - business and engineering schools - in programs of personal and professional development. These programs help young people to get to know themselves better, to develop their self-confidence, to become confident in their studies or to prepare for their entry into professional life.


"Young people have talent" -  is Christine's credo

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