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Students cheering at UCI graduation


After your list of universities and colleges is established, you have set your goals and it is now time to put your plans into action. You have to concentrate on the where, when, and how to reach your objective.  It is essential to start on time in order to optimize your chances of success.


We will make sure you stay on track, helping you with the administration along the way. We will give you tips and techniques on how to write a strong letter of motivation or personal statement and get in contact with your external reference. We will coach you through this challenging and exciting time and make sure the application process goes smoothly. 

Once you have sent your application(s), keep an eye on your emails as universities may ask, without warning, for further additional information. If you have questions we will be there to assist and answer you. We will remain at your side to advise you until your big departure. 

We will make sure:

  • To evaluate what is most relevant, so you know where to focus your attention

  • You sign up for your tests (e.g. SAT, ACT, IELTS, TOEFL, LNAT, etc.) if this is not already done

  • To give you tips on how to write your personal statement

  • You gather the required materials on time

  • Identify key dates and deadlines

  • To give you a student information sheet "Brag-Sheet". You will fill and hand out this form to your references, which will be helpful for your letter of recommendation

  • You know what questions to ask, if you have signed up for college fair(s) and or open day(s)

  • The application administrative process goes smoothly


 Free quote for inquiries regarding the universities Oxford and Cambridge

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